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Support a New Indie Film from Pia Thrasher

TG Squared Studios5 smThe Two Gay Geeks just learned of a new Indiegogo campaign from Pia Thrasher (interview in Epsiode 57), who directed The Appointment.

Pia’s new film is entitled “Things We Dig” and promises to be as exciting as the appointment was.

The information below is form Pia’s press release. Go checkout The Appointment and then go to Indiegogo and support her new effort.


Watch ‘The Appointment’ for free online!


The dark comedy I wrote, co-directed, produced and acted in has finished its film festival circuit and I decided to release it to the unsuspecting public for free – for a limited time! You can watch it in its full 8 1/2 minute glory right now by clicking on the Vimeo link here: The Appointment on Vimeo

Make sure to give the short film’s IMDb page a ‘like’ and visit its Facebook page for behind the scenes photos and other fun info!

Pia Thrasher

Pia Thrasher

In other exciting news, I just started a crowdfunding campaign on to raise money for my next film project, called ‘Things We Dig‘, a horror comedy! It’s about four female vampires trying to make a little extra income. Of course they have a plan…but will it work?

If you liked my first short film ‘The Appointment’ and are interested in helping make my next movie happen, please click on the image to the left to check out the fundraising page for ‘Things We Dig‘.

Things we dig

We have some really cool perks to offer, for example props from the set and original artwork by me!

Thank you for your support! 🙂

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Updated: February 18, 2016 — 1:04 pm

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