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Disney to make “Chronicles of Prydain”

BookofThreeBar640Disney has become quite the movie machine with the various franchises that they have in their arsenal. Now, in a story from Variety it has just been learned that the studio is looking to revisit the world from their 1985 animated film The Black Cauldron.

Disney’s film is part of a series of books called The Chronicles of Prydain, and The Black Cauldron was the second of that series. Now Disney is looking to adapt the entire series as part of a movie franchise.

Inspired by Welsh mythology, The Chronicles of Prydain is as follows:

The Chronicles of Prydain have become the standard of excellence in fantasy literature for children. Since The Book of Three was first published in 1964, young readers have been enthralled by the adventures of Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper and his quest to become a hero. Taran is joined by an engaging cast of characters that includes Eilonwy, the strong-willed and sharp-tongued princess; Fflewddur Fflam, the hyperbole-prone bard; the ever-faithful Gurgi; and the curmudgeonly Doli—all of whom become involved in an epic struggle between good and evil that shapes the fate of the legendary land of Prydain.

The first book, The Book of Three, was followed by The Black Cauldron in 1965, The Castle of Llyr in 1966, Taran Wanderer in 1967 and The High King in 1968. A sixth book was also published in 1973 which contained six different prequel stories set in the world of Prydain.

According to the trade report, there aren’t any firm plans in how this franchise could be developed (animated vs. live action) due to Disney having just acquired the rights, and it is reported that Sam Dickerman will be overseeing this project, but no screenwriter or director has yet to be named.
How familiar are you with the Chronicles of Prydain? Do you feel it would be better served as an animated film, or has digital technology advanced far enough to warrant a live action film? Is such a franchise sustainable by only doing one film per book of the series?

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Updated: March 21, 2016 — 5:45 am

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