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Here is the official trailer for “Power Rangers”

It may be a couple of months before it’s “morphin’ time,” but now it is TRAILER TIME, because the official trailer for the new Power Rangers movie is out, and is filled with all sorts of goodness.

While the previous trailer focused mostly on the five people chosen to be the new Rangers, plus gave us a glimpse of Rita Repulsa, this trailer gives us so much more, including the inside of the ship where the Rangers find their destiny, we see Alpha 5, plus a brief exchange between our heroes and Zordon, as played by Bryan Cranston. We also get to see the new army of Putties that Rita employs, Goldar, and some REALLY QUICK glimpses of the Zords.

But hey, check it out for yourself!!!

Now that you’ve seen this latest trailer, has it changed your thoughts regarding the movie? Are you more, or less excited? Is there anything that you’re hoping to still see?
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