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The new trailer for “Alien: Covenant” has hatched, but is it scary?

We’ve been treated some isolated scenes here and there to whet our appetites for the new trailer, and it has finally emerged, like a face-hugger exploding out of an opening egg, the trailer certainly has some big “bangs” along with the terror, which for us here in TG2 Studios sort of feels reminiscent of Prometheus, despite the fact that Ridley Scott has confirmed that Alien: Covenant will be a truly terrifying film.

The trailer does suggest that some of the elements that made Alien such a scary classic are back, and there are other call-backs littered, both literal and symbolic, that are littered throughout the trailer.

There are plenty of quick scenes, including one with the Xenomorph that shows a behavior unlike anything we have ever seen before, and if that alone is any indication as to what the whole movie will be like then it’s a fair bet that the intensity level could be raised so high that people will be walking out trembling when leaving the theater. But hey, don’t take our word for it… Watch the trailer yourself!

Alien: Covenant comes out in theaters on May 19.

Did you find the trailer to be even the slightest bit scary? What about the overall tone and appearance of the trailer? Does it look more, or less, like Alien than it does like Prometheus? Are you more intrigued to see the movie when it hits the theaters?
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