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Do you like Captain America PSAs? Good, because more are coming!

Spider-Man: Homecoming found a lot of fun ways to incorporate the events, milestones, and characters of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe – and one of the most fun cameos came from Chris Evans’ Captain America!

Cap appears several times in the film in the form of PSA video series that Peter Parker’s high school gym teacher, Coach Wilson (Hannibal Buress), must show. It’s a fun little motif that culminates in an even more enjoyable post-credits scene that continually has audiences (at least those who are wise enough to not leave the theater too soon)) howling with laughter!

In an interview with Homecoming director Jon Watts, Collider learned that the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray release will actually feature even more Captain America PSAs, which weren’t included in the theatrical film!

Apparently, Watts had Chris Evans on set for a limited amount of time, and decided to write out and shoot a bunch of the Cap PSAs, which Evans performed. Speaking about that process, Watts said,

“I just wrote pages of them ’cause I had Chris Evans for however amount of time, so I just feed him… We put it together like it was the actual DVD that they show at the school, so it just is clicking from one to another to another.”

There will apparently be about 10 of these Captain America PSAs included with the Blu-ray – including a “Play All” function for fans to take them all in.

What do you think of the PSAs that were made for Homecoming? Did you enjoy the final PSA in the movie? Would you rather see Marvel make more serious PSAs, or more humorous?
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