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“Wisper” Official Trailer from Russ Emanuel

The Two Gay Geeks received this trailer and information from our friend and filmmaker, Russ Emanuel, about his new film, Wisper. Russ was the director for the movie, Occupants, that we covered previously.
Here is some information about the film, the trailer is below:

Wisper” Official Trailer

Wisper’ is the true story of the murder of an African American family in Northern N.J. In 2016, three children and their mother were found shot to death in their suburban home in a close, but integrated neighborhood bordering on NYC. They were discovered by father and husband Josiah Wisper – a brash businessman who owned bars, restaurants and real estate in Harlem, New York. Wisper immediately became the prime suspect in the case, but was eventually ruled out as a suspect by law enforcement officials – but never in the eyes of those in the Harlem community – his relatives, friends, and people he had known for half his life. Josiah quickly embarks on a search to find out who massacred his family. His video recordings and diaries take us to family, friends, police precincts, and drug dens- all in the hope of piecing together the clues needed to solve this shocking crime.
The film is directed by Russ Emanuel and produced by Howard Nash. Executive Producers are Christopher Bell, Joseph DiRenzo and Mary Jane Bulseco. The screenplay was written by Howard Nash and Rodney Cavin. © 2018 Open Communications Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Wisper” Official Trailer from Russell Emanuel on Vimeo.

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Updated: January 24, 2018 — 12:28 pm

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  1. Looks like an exciting film. Good music.

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