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Social Saturday – Marietta Diner

Atlanta is different from Los Angeles or Phoenix. It’s a lot like how Phoenix used to be twenty years ago – things shut down early. Like, really early. So very early.
Due to the requirements of the hubs’ employment, we had to move from Phoenix to the Atlanta Metro (as in, if he wanted to stay employed, he would be employed living somewhere in Atlanta). Being lifelong Southwesterners, this is not a part of the country we know.

The house was ours, and I was waiting for delivery of my new washer and dryer. Thankfully, my agent now lives out here, too, and she was with me. Because that delivery was delayed. By six hours.
Long, Atlanta traffic story later, we had a washer and dryer installed by 11:30pm…and the last food we’d seen was at 2 in the afternoon. To say that we might have been starving was to say that water might be a little wet.
Only…at midnight in Atlanta, you’re out of luck.

Unless you’re near the Marietta Diner
Which we were.

The Marietta Diner is famous – it’s been on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” And it never closes. Per our waiter – at 12:15am – there are no locks on the doors because there is never a time that this place shuts down.
And what a place it is! A huge menu – all of it delicious – a massive bakery display, friendly service, and free appetizers if you arrive during their version of dinner hours, makes for a fantastic place to eat.

The Marietta Diner is owned by a Greek family who also own a variety of other great restaurants in the Atlanta Metro Area. The Greek food is great, therefore, but so is everything else. Per an employee at another one of their restaurants, these restaurants have a bakery that only bakes for them. The bakery is owned by someone else, but the Marietta Diner and related restaurants keep said bakery so busy that they are the only clients. And, having had the baked goods, it’s a fantastic bakery.

The hubs and I moved at the start of December, 2017. During which time we ate at the Marietta Diner at least eight times in two weeks, until things were unloaded and I could actually hope to cook a meal in our new home. Every time the food was great, the service attentive, and the experience comfortable and relaxed. And I never had the same meal, or dessert, twice. And there’s still so much of the menu to get through…and I plan on getting through it.

Whether you live in the Greater Atlanta Metro or are just visiting, make sure to put The Marietta Diner on your list of places to hit. Your stomach will be glad you did.

5 Stars out of 5

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