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Spotlight Sunday – Terry L. Smith

This week we spotlight local Phoenix author Terry L. Smith aka T.L. Smith. We were introduced to Terry by our great friend and colleague, Gini Koch, and boy were we lucky to get to know her. Let’s learn more about Terry and what she does for the local writing community.



Terry L. Smith



About Terry

T.L. Smith was born in Louisiana, but calls Phoenix, Arizona home between bouts of wanderlust. Even a stint in the U.S. Air Force as a radar specialist, training pilots in enemy detection, brought her back to the desert. Her time in the service taught her to appreciate the military culture and ever-changing technologies. Experience gives life to the Science Fictions she loves so much and helps her write about the strong women, holding their own as humanity reaches out into the universe.
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Terry is extremely active in the local writing community and has organized a group called Amazing Wyked Writers.

Of course you’re going to ask who that is exactly, well… that depends on the event and venue. The mission of AWW is to provide an opportunity for authors and readers to come together at various events. Instead of just one author, we’re going to try to bring several authors in multiple genre to you, whether at a local bookstore or your local Comicon.
We will provide a list of Venues and the scheduled Authors for those events. We will also provide links to those authors’ websites.
If you are a venue (bookstore or Con), feel free to contact us and we’ll talk about getting some AWWsome AWWthors to you.

Terry’s Recent Releases

Our Interview with Terry
Episode 146
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