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“Leap” – A Superhero Suicide Prevention Comic by Cory Sigle-Oliver

The Two Gay Geeks learned about a young man deployed in Kuwait who has created a KickStarter campaign around Suicide Prevention. We talk to him in an interview below. Please consider supporting his Kickstarter campaign.   Suicide Prevention Superhero Comic: Leap Kickstarter Link Quote form Cory about the Comic: I started writing Leap 2 years […]

Home Entertainment: “Solo: A Star Wars Story” | Ro Reviews

Writers Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and son, Jonathan Kasdan (In the Land of Women), drew on the elder Kasdan’s cinematic knowledge of Han to mesh it with facts and story elements from the Han Solo Trilogy books in order create a script that a cross between a Firefly episode and The Man with No Name.  […]

In Life Itself, Perseverance is the Point | Ro Reviews


Don’t see Life Itself if you aren’t ready to fully engage and be in your feelings. Seriously. Life Itself is a full-on drama. It’s built on the highs, lows, drama, and unexpected melodrama of introspection played out in three acts; or rather five chapters. It has no “just-for-a-laugh” moments, no throw-away tension breakers, or mere transitions between […]

Scottsdale International Film Festival Announces 2018 Dates

The Two Gay Geeks received this Press Release from our good friend Leigh Massey at Fingerpaint Films about the Scottsdale International Film Festival. Scottsdale International Film Festival (SIFF) has announced the dates of the 2018 Festival with more information coming soon. Here is the announcement.   Scottsdale International Film Festival Announces 2018 Dates SCOTTSDALE – […]

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